Budget Office Furniture


Vision, mission & values


To be the active partner of choice in the development of Southern Africa through the provision of worldclass office and school furniture manufactured and delivered as an output of global best business practices.



In order to make our vision a reality, we endeavour to:
Focus our best attention on all our customers’ needs, both large and small.
Supply a wide range of quality furniture products to our customers that reaches into offices and schools alike throughout the Eastern Cape and the Republic.
Create value for our shareholders by creating value for our customers, and this by creating the capacity to generate value in our employees.
Provide immediate access to world-class design and manufacturing, together with efficient product distribution.
Cultivate strategic relationships with key component manufacturers and suppliers in order to build a value chain that promotes long term sustainability and global competitiveness.
Promote unity within our workforce in order to maintain a low staff turnover rate, an efficient, experiential method of skills transfer, and a synergistic internal manufacturing process. This will create a natural, experiential facilitation of effective skills transfer.
Consistently develop and monitor efficient, high-quality operations through technological and process oriented innovation. In achieving this over the short, medium and long term, we determine that our name will signal reliability and quality, thus becoming the office and schooling furniture manufacturer of choice in the Eastern Cape and beyond.


• Professionalism
• On-time delivery
• Quality of excellence
• Workforce safety
• Partnership up and down the supply chain


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